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Meet Feedly. A Public Relations app to reduce digital clutter.

Feedly is a multimedia database that specializes in gathering information across the web and organizing it into one feed, so you can view all the topics you’re interested in or follow in one place.

The app uses an AI research entity named Leo to help label important topics. You first start by creating a free account and listing how you want to utilize the app. Once through, you create a folder and label it for collecting any information of your choice. It can be music, gaming, technology, business, or anything you want to appear in your feed under that folder. Afterward, there will be all kinds of websites and recommendations for your folder based on keywords you listed in your title. There’s also a search bar in case you have something specific in mind. From that point, it's all about following the topics and pages you want and adding them to the folder you want them to be under. This makes it a big convenience for users as they don’t have to visit a website one by one to view the information they want. In just a few clicks, you can find a great level of information all in one place sorted into one feed.

PR professionals can utilize this app to identify and stay up to date with trends. The world of Public Relations is all about staying ahead and up to date on what’s happening across many facets of your industries. Along with this, professionals can use it to keep an eye on all the media outlets in the PR space and be caught up with news from all sources.

The app offers a free account that can host up to 100 media sources across all your feeds. There are multiple paid plans. These include:

Pro – $6.25/month

. Up to 1000 feeds

. Article gathering speed (10x)

. Ability to share content to social platforms (LinkedIn, Buffer, IFTTT)

. No ads

Pro+ - $12/month

. Everything from Pro

. Up to 2500 sources

. Twitter and Google connections

. Access to Leo Core AI skills

Enterprise (geared towards businesses and teams)

. Everything from Pro+

. Up to 7500 sources

. Team feeds and boards

. Create newsletters

. Access to Leo Advanced AI skills

The biggest advantage of this app is the convenience. The user interface is geared towards beginners and individuals, which makes managing personal brands and businesses easy. Adding on, 100 sources I find are more than enough to keep your feeds full, and the main features of the app are offered for free, so there are no necessary features locked behind the paid plans.

The biggest disadvantage is the Leo AI feature is behind the paid plan for Pro+. Yes, most of the research and sourcing can be highly beneficial if the user intends on staying with the free plan, but Feedly heavily prides itself on its AI entity's capabilities. Unfortunately, to use the AI for advanced ways of integrating information, you must upgrade to the paid plan.

Feedly can be used on mobile devices and desktops. There are no major differences between interfaces as the features from Feedly are simple. I do believe the app functions a bit better on mobile devices only because it’s easy to pick a folder and scroll through information with fingers. On the computer, there are a few more clicks.


Other than that, they’re very similar and usability is great. I definitely would recommend this app for anyone that's looking to conveniently organize all their content and media into one source.

Feedly Desktop.jpg

Feedly from a desktop perspective. Photo credits - Johnny Crespo


Feedly from a mobile perspective. Photo credits - Johnny Crespo

June 6, 2022

What's Next for Generation Z? A webinar discussing the current trajectory for the new generation of adults.

Addressing how recent events may or may not affect the emerging workforce.

New York, NY (June 6, 2022) - Public Relations and Music Business specialist, Johnny Crespo, will host a webinar discussing the current events and challenges involving Generation Z. This webinar will feature content from Prince Inspiration, as well as delving into the topic of remaining positive and enlightened during times of uncertainty.

With recent events and issues of concern emerging amongst the tech-savvy generation, a cloud of uncertainty has formed above those looking to ease into the workforce and adulthood. In fact, surveyed Gen Z and Millenials state multiple areas of concern for their age group as a whole. This information was gathered with the help of the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millenial Survey.

A staggering 46% of the surveyed Gen Z live paycheck to paycheck and are concerned they won't be able to cover upcoming expenses. Adding on, 30% of Gen Z don't feel financially secure in the current economy. It is no secret that financial concerns are fresh on the mind of the new majority of the workforce.

It's not just financial concerns that are present for Gen Z. 24% of the survey reported that climate change is a growing concern, and 19% are concerned about mental health. Both of these issues are listed in the Top 5 Gen Z concerns by Deloitte.

With many concerns, Johnny plans to elaborate on the concerns and worries of Generation Z, as well as touch on topics regarding positive mental health during times of adversity with the use of social media and technology. The purpose of the webinar is to enlighten the minds of listeners and bring ideas of staying on track as more Gen Z individuals head into the workforce day by day.

The online event is scheduled to take place on June 17th, 2022, from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM ET. The event is currently scheduled to take place on Facebook, with more details expected by June 10, 2022. The webinar will be live-streamed and is open for anyone to attend. Viewers are encouraged to engage and ask questions to hit all talking points of the discussion.


For more information about specific topics, as well as a detailed agenda for the event, click here.

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