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Prince Inspiration

Campaign Snapshot

           Prince Inspiration is a conscious Hip Hop lyricist coming from The Bronx, NY. He is a rapper, activist, and inspirational figure. His music first debuted in 2017 when he was graduating high school.

            Today, many Generation Z individuals struggle with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of uncertainty. This leads to a loss of motivation and future outcomes perceived as bleak for the majority of Generation Z. This campaign aims to boost awareness of Prince Inspiration on most of his active platforms, spreading the message of positivity and optimism through his thought-provoking lyrics, content, and music. The campaign will target Generation Z individuals living in New York City.

             The objectives of the campaign are to boost attendance at live events, expand the following on social media platforms, and release a full-fledged website giving away tickets for an upcoming show upon the release. This presentation covers everything that is necessary to properly execute this campaign. Strategies, tactics, and evaluation methods will all be discussed.

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