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Johnny Crespo's Branding Page

My name is Johnny Crespo. I’m a 23-Year-Old Freelance Music Business Professional and a part-time gaming content creator. I’m currently freelancing while exploring full-time opportunities in Administrative and Marketing duties in the Music Industry. Moreover, I just recently graduated from the Public Relations Master’s Program at Full Sail University. As of right now, I’m living with my family in our hometown New York City, since moving back from completing my studies in the Music Business Bachelors Program at Full Sail in November 2019. The pillar of my professional career is built on my passions which are music and gaming. Outside of working in music, I manage a growing gaming brand under the alias “Kroactive” that specializes in content creation for a variety of game genres. You can find me expressing myself in humorous and comedic skillful ways in the gaming world. I post regularly on YouTube and TikTok, while simultaneously streaming on Twitch 3 nights a week. Following these passions aided me in building skills that ideally crossover within both of my careers. I know how to tailor to different platforms, study the optimal posting times for algorithms, and output content using many types of software. I have a strong understanding of what it takes to build a platform from the ground up and which strategies to use to capture the best organic growth. Both careers also rewarded me with many connections, allowing me to meet new individuals and assist them in the best ways I can. With that, my mission is to assist anyone in getting closer to achieving their goals. Whether it's through collaboration, numbers, or personal growth, I aim to be a resourceful platform, providing you with any assistance possible to take both parties to the next level. Feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss any potential business opportunities!

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‪(551) 800-2419

New York, NY

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