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Ameer (also known as Prince Inspiration) is a conscious hip-hop lyricist from The Bronx, NY. He is 22 years old and began his journey in 2017 shortly before graduating high school. Over time, he has amassed more than 1,500 followers across all his social media platforms to what it is today. The content Prince Inspiration produces targets the age group of 16-25, comprised of all ethnicities and genders living in New York. He is most known for his thought-provoking and inspirational words throughout his content. His work is all produced and recorded by himself, with collaborators and groups frequently featured. All project expenses are taken care of by himself as well. As of right now, there are no known competitors of prince, as he primarily works with and seeks new connections from other visionaries in the music genre. You can find Prince always active on his social pages spreading wisdom along with sharing thoughts on current events and developments with his fans and the New York underground hip hop community. Prince Inspiration is also a part of a conglomerate called “WE ARRE 5IVE”, a group that brings minorities together from all backgrounds into a positive space to perfect their craft and tell their story. He is open to expanding his talent vocally, instrumentally, and collaboratively with every new endeavor. Prince Inspiration wants the best for every listener and viewer coming across his work, inspiring them to move forward and compete against themselves. He wants his message to spread to as many people in the tri-state area to spark change. In the end, Prince Inspiration believes that everyone is destined to do something special, and together everyone can do something.

One Sheet


Prince Inspiration 6.jpg

Prince Inspiration in the Studio. (Photo by Prince Inspiration)

Press Release and Email Pitches

Promotional Video

Promotional video produced for Prince Inspiration in New York, NY.
Video shot and edited by Johnny and Alex Crespo.

Video News Release

Includes 20 B-Roll shots, with four sound bites featuring interviewees Alex Crespo and Justin Selgado, Prince Inspiration's Target Market Individuals. Video shot and edited by Johnny Crespo

Event Flyers

Research Findings

Research Infographics

SWOT Analysis

Strengths - Prince Inspiration has an extensive background and knowledge in music. His experience spans for almost a complete decade. Throughout this time, he built a following through consistently releasing material and challenging the current brand standards. The client maintains a high commitment to engaging with all kinds of supporters and is always actively seeking opportunities. These strengths showcase the client being in tune with their audience and doing their best to upkeep the brand while looking to grow. During the campaign, the client will uphold this standard and surpass content limits with ease.

Weaknesses - Prince Inspirations' business Facebook Page is not up to date. The main page is where the supporters are being driven to, and it does not feature his latest projects or developments. The client is more active on their personal account as all supporters have him added as a friend. If the page is not completely up to date, there will be no continued growth for new projects and algorithm placement attempts will be hindered. Adding on to this, a situation occurred in early 2022 where the client received negative press due to an out-of-context opinion on Hip Hop music. This may cause occasional negative comments that could be present during the campaign. Lastly, the client is only remaining on the platforms they are familiar with. They may be intimidated on branching out to platforms that they are not familiar with. This will limit the reach of the client for expanding their target market. The campaign will leverage the weaknesses by first addressing the outdated information to be corrected immediately, avoiding any mention of past events, and expanding to new platforms to start building new types of content.

Opportunities - Prince Inspiration is well known for collaborating with others in the brand's line of work. They welcome all and any kind of interaction that involves working with others, making their brand trustworthy, and having an established connection with others. The client is always performing and participating in live events to showcase content and material to a bigger audience than just the current supporters. Lastly, the client is always looking to reinvent themselves with new ideas for their content. They are not afraid to take risks. These opportunities will impact the campaign positively by having a list of vouches from others, outside support, and experimenting with new measures if the client wishes to do so during the time of the campaign.

Threats - With the rise of a new generation of Hip Hop artists in New York City, Prince Inspiration has other local artists as a threat to him. The city is diverse with different subgenres of music that are skyrocketing in virality. There are more artists that represent similar qualities to the Prince Inspiration brand. This may take potential supporters away and divert attention from campaign posts. Another threat is improper algorithm placement. This is where content may be “shadow-banned”, and not indexed by social platforms, thus completely removing the promotion of content. This can happen on any social media platform. Lastly, COVID-19 remains a threat to live performances, and restrictions may come in place to prevent live events. We will address these issues by following social media rules and strict posting schedules to ensure no shadow ban occurs. Prince Inspiration can reach out to other musicians to collaborate or show support to their work to prevent unnecessary entanglement in competition. Our final address for COVID-19 is to follow all protocol and restrictions while staying up to date with the current situation of the pandemic.

Target Market Webinar

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