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Project Samples

Project | 01
        Chris Pain Electronic Press Kit

Underground Hip Hop artist Chris Pain reached out to me asking to build him an EPK. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in high school. I've been supporting his vision ever since, and this was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with him. The press kit includes his career highlights so far, along with some of his best music. This EPK was designed using Canva, with original design concepts from Affinity Photo. Updates will be made to reflect recent highlights and upcoming performances as he moves forward.

Project | 02
Mr. W@tt Electronic Press Kit
 Cincinnati-based Music Producer/Composer
Mr. W@tt contacted me through LinkedIn about building a press kit. He is a talented music producer who is heavily associated with Vision House Studios. What makes Mr. W@tt unique is his knowledge and incredible experience across multiple genres of music. Adding on to his award-winning catalog, this was a great opportunity to work with a well-established professional in the music business. Mr. W@tt and I will continue to stay connected in the future.
Project | 03
Scorpio Szn Promotional Sheet
 I was introduced to Pop indie duo, Scorpio Szn, through a mutual connection. After listening to their music, I became a full-on supporter for their music and distinct style. Most importantly, they keep things fresh with a cultivating mix of instruments and relatable concepts in every song. This promotional sheet was designed as a passion project from myself as a fan. I used Affinity Photo and Adobe Illustrator for designing this sheet. I'm excited to see where Scorpio Szn go with their vision and talents.
Project | 04
Prince Inspiration One Sheet
 Prince Inspiration and I have a connection that goes all the way back to the ninth grade. I've watched his vision and artistry blossom from close and afar. He is a Hip-Hop artist who loves to share his views of the human component and the meaning of life through conscious lyricism. We've worked together numerous times, and this one sheet is one of the products of our collaborations. I designed this as a passion project through Adobe Illustrator. The goal is to highlight his career achievements. I'll be designing an updated version soon!
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